Australia’s only aftermarket centrifugal supercharger manufacturer. Launched in 2004 Raptor Superchargers offers powerful, reliable and technologically advanced boosting systems for many makes and models of vehicles in Australia and globally. Raptor liquid and aircooled superchargers provide extreme power gains for every psi of boost pressure where ever they are installed. Raptor SC offers technology’s that are often not found on any other brand such as: liquid cooling, internal aircooling, decoupler clutches, billet impellers, hollow shafts and anodised colour options. No Raptor supercharger requires engine oil or any oil for its operation, this results in a supercharger that operates much cooler than all others. Lower temperatures, more engine power more safely. There are Raptor supercharger systems for Holden, Toyota, Subaru (H4/H6) and Ford. Globally there are supercharger systems incorporating Raptor Supercharger head units for Porsche, Ferrari, Kia/Hyundai and BMW vehicles. We are Australia’s only centrifugal supercharger manufacturer. All Prices on this site are in $AUDinc GST. If you are an international customer, please confirm conversion rates and shipping costs
Raptor V-serie superchargers
Vanaf € 1.849,99
Raptor R-serie superchargers
Vanaf € 2.799,00
Raptor V-serie superchargers-Raptor VL
€ 1.849,99
Raptor V-serie superchargers-Raptor VLBX
€ 2.200,00
Raptor V-serie superchargers-Raptor VLCBX
€ 2.299,99
Raptor V-serie superchargers-Raptor VLCBX-R
€ 2.450,00
Raptor R-serie superchargers-Raptor RCB
€ 2.799,00
Raptor R-serie superchargers-Raptor RCBX-R
€ 2.999,00
Raptor Pulley
Vanaf € 163,35
Subaru 3.0 H6 uitlaatspruitstukken
€ 399,00
BMW N52 / N53 Superchargerset-Raptor VLB
€ 2.540,00
BMW N52 / N53 Superchargerset-Raptor VLCBX
€ 2.690,00
BMW N52 / N53 Superchargerset-Raptor VLCBX-R
€ 2.840,00
Raptor Pulley 50mm 6pk
€ 163,35
Raptor Pulley 54mm 6pk
€ 163,35
Raptor Pulley 56mm 6pk
€ 163,35
Raptor Pulley 58mm 6pk
€ 163,35
Raptor Pulley 61mm 6pk
€ 163,35
Raptor Pulley 64mm 6pk
€ 163,35

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