imons® Sportsystem - the sporty alternative to the original exhaust system. Simons produce sports exhausts of the highest quality, offering higher performance, a smooth sound and a classy, sporty look. Simons Sportsystems are constructed for the driver who demands a little bit more from their car. A Simons exhaust will realise the hidden potential of the engine, resulting in a car that performs, sounds and looks fantastic. A Simons® Sportsystem exhaust kits comprises all of the necessary exhaust sections (including mounting kit) and is delivered in a Euro size heavy duty carton. We also offer Simons® Universal parts in several dimensions. Universal parts can be used to build, rebuild or repair exhaust systems for most cars.
Uitlaat verloopbus RVS
Vanaf € 13,18
Uitlaatklemmen RVS
Vanaf € 9,75
uitlaatbocht met mof
Vanaf € 7,79
Uitlaat koppelstuk RVS
Vanaf € 9,58
RVS Y-pijp
Vanaf € 54,00
Uitlaatbuis met mof recht RVS (0
Vanaf € 24,56
Uitlaatbuis met mof recht RVS (1mtr)
Vanaf € 43,73
RVS T-adapter
Vanaf € 57,50
Simons Silencer Handy - 63
€ 96,39
Uitlaatbocht RVS – 180 Graden
Vanaf € 31,15
Simons Silencer Super - 63
€ 100,13
RVS X pijp
Vanaf € 68,99
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